Daniel J. Reynolds
 Broome County Legislator

 Daniel J. Reynolds, 5th District County Legislator

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 Like you, I‘m very concerned about the direction in which County government is headed.  The problems that face our County are significant, but not insurmountable. The County spends too much and has far too often turned to the taxpayers to bail them out with higher property taxes…this has to stop!

I believe that elected officials are employees of the people and have an obligation to listen to residents and find ways to deliver quality services, but at a price taxpayers can afford. We know these are difficult times, but we also know that our community has faced adversity in the past and emerged better each time. We need our elected officials to listen to residents, set aside the negative partisan arguments and focus on fixing our community’s struggling economy to create long term tax stabilization. You can rest assured that I will work every day to earn your trust and help get Broome County back on track.

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